PULSE Pool Pump Features

    •    FLOW EFFICIENCY - the impeller design achieves optimum efficiency in converting motor power into pump flow and pressure. Our impeller achieves 6% higher efficiency compared against other pool pump impellers.
    •    QUIET RUNNING - our motor is very finely balanced and together with high efficiency impeller - the pump operates at low noise level.
    •    BEARING COOLING - 90% of motor failures are caused by failure of the motor bearings. The front end bearing carries the most mechanical and thermal load. The front end bearing is deep inside the motor between the rotor and pump. It has the least amount of cooling and the most proximity to motor heat. This bearing has to carry the mechanical load of Rotor, impeller and shock loads from the pump wet end.
We have developed a patented system to improve cooling of the motor bearing. We have changed the design of the aluminium motor endshield, and of the thermoplastic pump backplate to allow the two components to touch. The water passing through the pump is channelled behind the impeller to water cool the backplate, the motor endshield and the motor bearing. The result is the motor endshield and bearing are effectively water cooled and the bearing and motor will last much longer.

Motor Endshield in contact with Pump Backplate

 Pulse Pump showing water cooling of endshield
Figure 1- Section through Pump showing Water cooling of endshield